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Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 DLC Announced With Incoming New Maps & Operators, Teases Co-Op Zombie Mode

New operators and maps await!

Rainbow Six Siege will receive a 3rd year of DLC & additional support next year following Ubisoft's announcement. What will 2018 have in store for us? Well, we'll receive 8 new Operators, 2 new maps, & 1 "existing map makeover". 

Year 3 will consist of 4 seasons, much like Years 1 & 2, each including 2 new Operators. The first season is called Operation Chimera which includes "biohazard specialist" characters from France and Russia. It'll also include Outbreak, which is a new limited time co-op event; it's free to play for Siege owners, and it'll take place over 4 weeks during Season 1 of Year 3.

Season 2 will include 2 new Italian GIS Operators and & new map set in Italy. Season 3 brings with it 1 character from UK's Scotland Yard & 1 from US's Delta Force. An existing map will be reworked for this season, bringing "considerable changes to level design and art direction". "The essence of the map will remain the same, but the gameplay and tactics will be completely different" said Ubisoft. Season 4 will introduce 2 Moroccan Operators & a new map from the same region.

Moving onto this "Mission Outbreak", it sounds a bit like Call Of Duty's zombies mode. It introduces 2 new biohazard specialist Operators, and instead of getting a new map that ties in the new Operators, Ubisoft is taking a different path by adding this 3 player co-op event. Studio officials stayed quiet about Mission Outbreak, but they implied that the biohazard specialists had a big role to play in the event, and seeing as it's taking place during something called Operation Chimera, it does suggest that we'll be facing some sort of monster-like enemies. Ubisoft Montreal said during a panel at the weekend that we'll be fighting "against something you might not totally expect"... to me that suggests zombies.

In the past Ubisoft had thought about adding new game modes but instead focused on its 5v5 multiplayer combat. Those who give Mission Outbreak a go will be able to unlock exclusive collectibles which will reportedly fit in with the setting of the in-game event. It's not too much of a blow for those who miss out on Mission Outbreak, as you'll simply be unable to utilise the uniforms, charms, and weapon skins that become unlocked for those to participate.

You'll be able to buy Year 3's season pass from 12th December. Currently not much is known about Operation Chimera, or Year 3 for that matter, but Ubisoft said that more will be revealed come February at the Six Invitational eSports tournament.

The final season of Year 2, Operation White Noise, arrives today (20th November), bringing with it a new map and 3 new Operators. Below is the trailer for the new Operators, so check it out:

Interested in Year 3? Let us know below!

Tags: PS4, Xbox-One, PC

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 14 Comments


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