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Breath Of The Wild Handy Hints: A Quick Guide

Daunted by the size of Breath Of The Wild? Fear not.

Like many of you, I've been sucked into the encapsulating world of Hyrule, where Calamity Ganon is lurking in his lair, just waiting for the perfect moment to strike and wreak havoc. Breath Of The Wild's massive landscape can be pretty overwhelming to begin with, but once you get stuck in, it's not all that daunting.

I've scoured the internet for handy hints, and put them in one place for you to read at your leisure! Depending on where you are in the game, there are some spoilers, so take care:
  • Remember the flock of cuccos that would attack you if you harmed one of their own? Now you can use that to your advantage! Take a cucco into battle, and the monster that hits you will get pecked to death. Enemies with a lot of health, like Guardians, will take minimal damage, so just be aware of that
  • Breath Of The Wild is the game that lets you do almost anything. Remember those pesky mountains that got in your way, making you go the long way round? They'll be no bother to you now, as Link can climb any rockface, providing he has enough stamina to make it to the top. Please note that if it's raining, Link won't be able to climb very far, so either wait it out or rest at a fireplace
  • Expanding on the last point, if your stamina is in the danger zone, jumping doubles the distance you go, making or breaking your climb
  • Cooking during a blood moon will guarantee a critical success, making your dish more powerful and healing
  • Save your rupees - Breath Of The Wild is pretty stingy when it comes to giving you money, and armour can be rather costly. So, like the old saying goes, save it for a rainy day
  • Dance with dogs! Yes this one isn't particularly helpful, but it is rather amusing. Simply crouch down next to a dog and spin around; the dog will copy you. Talk about an iconic duo!
  • Horses aren't the only animals you can ride; bears and elks can be your noble steed for a short while. They won't hang about after you dismount, and you can't register them at stables, but if you're looking for a break from being the chosen one, give it a shot!
  • Give a dog 3 pieces of meat or fruit, and they will lead you to some hidden treasure
  • Travelling from place to place can be tiresome on foot, so why not catch and tame a horse? Simply crouch and approach an unsuspecting horse from behind and mount it, then repeatedly press L until it calms down. It will still be rebellious as you won't have fully tamed it, so if it starts to go off track, soothe it by pressing L and feed it fruit. Unlike bears and elks, you can register your faithful companion at a stable
  • You can redo certain shrines after a blood moon - go back to the combat trials and complete them to get upgraded Guardian weapons
  • Be a hoarder - your inventory and food slots are unlimited, so go wild and gather everything you find, you never know when you might need it...
  • If you see a lifeless Guardian, approach it, as you can grab some pretty handy parts from it. I'd suggest using the camera rune to make sure it's not going to spring into action any time soon!
  • Keep an eye out for anything that looks out of place, because you might have stumbled across a Korok puzzle. Solve them to receive a Korok Seed, which can be given to Hetsu and in return he will give you 1 extra inventory spot for your armour / weapons. With each upgrade however, they'll get more and more pricey. Getting every available slot will cost you around 440 seeds, so the rest of them are there for fun. Of course you'll receive a gift of sorts if you collect all of the Korok seeds, but I'll let you discover what it is for yourself...
  • Ensure to tag shrines and places you want to discover on the map to make them easier to find again later on
  • Add Monster Extract to normal recipes for a special version of that food
  • Running low on elixirs to protect you from the extreme weather conditions? Equip an elemental weapon, like a flameblade or a frostblade, to keep you nice and toasty (or cool you down)
  • Talk to everyone, very few NPCs exist for no reason. You often find that they have side quests for you
Those are just a few of the hints that are out there; I've listed the ones I feel are the most helpful and beneficial. Do you have any other hints that I've not included above? Let me know!

Tags: Nintendo-Switch, NintendoWiiU

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 19 Comments


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