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Biomutant Shows Off Character Customisation, A Few Of Its 500,000 Weapon Combinations, & A New Trailer

Lots of juicy info in one handy video.

Biomutant was revealed at last year's Gamescom, and Stefan Ljungqvist, studio head, recently went into more detail about the upcoming action RPG, including its character creator. Be sure to give the latest trailer a watch, feel free to skip ahead to 0:42 in the video above.

At the centre of Biomutant's world, there's a giant tree with 5 large roots stretching out into different parts of the map. There are bosses at the end of each of them, and they're essentially poisoning the tree, so therefore they need to be defeated in order to ensure the survival of the world. The different things you do & complete during your playthrough will be based around this fact and go towards a final probability that will determine whether the world continues to grow or deteriorates further once the game's finished.

There are 6 tribes, each is ruled by a kung fu master, and they are able to teach you their specific type of kung fu; you're also able to become allies with them. E.g. if you were to become allies with an evil tribe, you can work with them to take out the others. You can then have the choice of killing that tribe leader or subduing him. Of course, you can also play as a good character and unite the tribes.

Ljungqvist goes on to explain that whilst there is a story to tell about the world, it's not based on how it was before all of this happened, it's based on what it is at the moment. The game explains who you are, where you came from, and why you're there; it's more about the characters than the world itself. 

Biomutant's character creation tool provides you with a plethora of options. Sliders let you change how your fuzzy friend looks, as well as adjusting a range of stats. "Recoding" your DNA changes things like your fur colour and shape, but also things like how big certain parts of your body are which will affect a range of biomutant and cybernetic abilities. Feel free to skip to 3:18 in the video above to check out all the options that available to you.

One of the big mechanics in the game is weapon crafting; Ljungqvist said that there are hundreds of thousands of different possible variations; these come from the fact that you're able to change various parts of a weapon. Different parts of a weapon have different qualities and come in different materials.

What's great is that you can shoot almost at any time you want, and you won't be grinding for ammo. This is controlled by the size of the clips, so naturally if you have a bigger clip, the more bullets you can fire before you get auto ammo, which has a short cool down period. As well as ranged weapons, there are melee weapons as well; the same applies to these in regards to the different qualities and materials of parts. Head to the 5:00 minute mark in the video above to check out what kind of wonderful creations you can make.

Now, onto the mutations. One way to get mutations is to head to green glowing pools (displayed in the video at the 10:55 mark), where you can unlock, upgrade and gain new physical mutations. To do this, you'll need biopoints which you get after defeating infected bio contaminated creatures called Morks. Naturally fighting them is dangerous as they're infected and they can contaminate you. An example of a mutation you can get is crab pincers on your back, so you can pinch people and throw them away from yourself.

The other strain of mutations are called psyonic mutations; these can be unlocked by finding by bunkers beneath the world, where there's old broken radioactive machines. An example of this is shown at the 12:26 minute mark, where the character is surrounded by a protective bubble, where bullets are reflected from enemies. Another example is shown, namely telekinesis, where you can throw objects at enemies, and even the enemies themselves.

Bionics play a part in Biomutant, too. These prosthetic enhancements can be used for both combat and exploration, meaning you can reach places you otherwise wouldn't be able to reach. These are unlocked by having a relationship with a character called Wis, a small furry yellow creature with a springy tail. If you start working with this crazy inventor, he will help you build these contraptions.

Biomutant is an open world game, though it won't be as big as a previous project, namely Just Cause. Ljungqvist said that the size isn't that important, filling it with interesting things to do is. For the first 25 minutes or so the game holds your hand so it can teach you the basics, however after that, the open world is made available to you and you're free to go anywhere but the game will help out in different ways. There are 7 different biomes available to you, where different creatures and enemies can be found. Be sure to head to the 16:30 minute mark to get a good look at what you can expect. The game has a dynamic weather system and seasonal system, and the environment around the character changes as the seasons change, meaning you can reach places you weren't able to reach in the warmer months.

Has this interview sparked your interest in Biomutant whilst giving you a quick glimpse of what's to come? Let us know below. I'm certainly hyped for it now!

Tags: PS4, Xbox-One, PC

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 5 Comments


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