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Massive Red Dead Redemption 2 Leak Spills Beans About Single Player & Multiplayer Details, And Much More

The cat has been let out of the bag.

Red Dead Redemption 2. Probably one of the most anticipated games of 2018. It's seen a couple of delays, however if the information from a big leak is to be believed and turns out to be true, there's definitely a lot to be excited about.

This leak comes from Trusted Reviews, and it certainly gives us some insight into what will be included, seeing as we've not got a proper gameplay trailer or even a small breakdown of what to expect; we've just been given screenshots so far. They "first received the documents in August 2017, but decided not to share them, as they were unsubstantiated". However, they've let the cat out of the bag because "a great deal of the information in the documents has been validated in Red Dead Redemption 2 promotional materials".

Starting from the beginning, RDR2's protagonist that's seen in the trailer is Arthur Morgan, and the other big character is Dutch Van Der Linde, leader of the gang.

You'll have complete freedom exploring the game's open world which includes Armadillo and Ridgewood. NPCs will be scattered all over cities, and there'll be a Slums Market where you'll be able to snag equipment for a reduced price. Trains will be available for travel from certain parts of the map; it doesn't stop there. The trains themselves are interactive, hosting unique characters and dialogue, so you'll be able to chat the journey away.

Vehicles in the game include minecarts, horse drawn carriages, and handcarts, each coming in different variants that favour armour over speed and vice versa.

Some activities include horsemanship championships which increase your rider rank, poker, gold mining, herding, and a fishing system with different baits and types of fish. There will also be a crafting system where herbs and plants can be used to conjure up various concoctions of this and that.

Red Dead Redemption 2 will also feature a first person mode, a feature that was first implemented in the PS4 & Xbox One versions of Grand Theft Auto V, and you're able to use it in both single player and multiplayer. It's said that Dead Eye is going to return with enhanced abilities, including tracking bounties through fields and detecting which fish and animals are available nearby. The game will also feature missions similar to the 'Strangers and Freaks' ones in GTA V.

Depending on your actions and the characters you interact with, the story will change; this will also affect the dialogue and mission objectives, which sounds awesome. Another awesome mechanic is being able to gather information from wounded enemies in exchange for sparing them. There's also a wanted level at the top of the screen which increases or decreases depending on how the player acts.

Now, onto the Online side of things. Like GTA Online, the same open world will be available for exploration in multiplayer, however the details mentioned in the leak speak of a deeper more reactive world. An example is NPCs will decorate their storefronts in the morning and pack up come evening. Player apartments will return in the form of tents and can be owned and upgraded by players - they're purchased in the open world and come in a variety of different themes.

Much like GTA Online, completing various tasks will net you XP, and many shops & NPCs will offer you missions and equipment. Free Events can be organised outside of standard playlists like spontaneous treasure hunts & deathmatches.

The leak mentions 3 game modes: Battle Royale, Revive and Survive, and Money Grab. Information for the latter two has been provided:

  • Revive and Survive pits 2 teams against each other as they try to stay alive. You'll have a limited amount of time to revive your teammates before they're eliminated
  • Money Grab features 2 teams fighting to secure bags of cash and returning them to your base as quickly as possible

Finally, the leak says that RDR2 will launch with a companion app that includes "social elements" and a poker minigame.

It goes without saying, but all this juicy information is just a leak and is in no way an official announcement, so it's worth waiting for Rockstar's announcement. It all sounds brilliant though, so fingers crossed it's all accurate!

What do you think of the above details and features? Let us know below!

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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games
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Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games

Tags: PS4, Xbox-One

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 9 Comments


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