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GTA V & Other Games Leaked For Nintendo Switch - Rumour


GTA V & Online have long been rumoured to be heading to the Switch, and it's one of the most requested games on Nintendo's charming hybrid console.

The most recent person to suggest GTA V is coming to the Switch is Reddit user DasVereben. While Dasvereben has been more incorrect than correct with his leaks so far, the fact that he accurately predicted the TMNT DLC for Injustice 2 does give him some credibility. The recent claims DasVergeben has are to do with the Nintendo Direct that's rumoured for 11th January.

There are many claims from DasVergeben about Nintendo's January Direct, (which hasn't been announced itself as of yet), but one of them happens to be GTA V coming to the Switch. LA Noire has shown that Rockstar Games is supporting the hybrid console, so it's not out of the question. Another claim is that the Switch will receive a remastered port of Red Dead Redemption. There's been no news of its sequel coming to the Switch as of yet, but hey, at least you'll be able to play the original wherever you if these leaks prove to be true!

DasVergeben reiterated that Metroid Prime 4 is being co-developed with Bandai Namco and it'll be shown at the Direct. He also said that a new Animal Crossing game will be announced, and fans will get some news of sorts about the new Pokemon game for the Switch.

DasVergeben also said that the Switch will receive ports of Dark Souls, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Hello Neighbor, Hearthstone, and a few more. There's an awful lot of claims here, however Amazon recently listed 18 placeholder pages for unannounced Switch games, so there could be some links between the two.

Back in September, NeoGAF user Vern has spoken out about GTA V's possible release on the Switch. Vern correctly predicted the release of LA Noire remaster way before it had been released, so it does give them some credibility.

In a NeoGAF thread about LA Noire, GTA's Switch release was teased by Vern. One comment was "Why isn't this port GTA V. No one wanted this game lol"; Vern then quoted this said comment and simply said "Patience.".

Vern then went onto say that "Heard awhile back more from R* is in development, from my most reliable source, but wouldn't confirm what or when. Essentially was told it shouldn't be a surprise what title it is. I personally fully expect a GTA title (whatever it may be) because it makes sense since you see everyone clamouring for it in every damn thread, and it's the biggest game on Earth. It's probably Table Tennis lol"

"For real this is no way confirming a GTA port is coming, it's just my solid as f*** source giving me some info and my own educated guessing. Probably shouldn't have said anything because I have nothing, and in 6 months or a year when another R* title gets announced, I can claim I was right. So ignore what I said somehow. I blew it."

Think these leaks and claims are correct? Let us know your thoughts below!

Tags: Nintendo-Switch

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 11 Comments


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