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New Super Mario Odyssey Footage Features More Kingdoms, Amiibo Support, Minigames, And More

Talk about 7 minutes in heaven. 

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation brought lots of good news, much like any other Direct presentation. In yesterday's one however, we got to see some more footage, and gathered more information about the upcoming Mario title.

There are many kingdoms for Mario to visit and explore, such as the Cap Kingdom, where Cappy (Mario's sentient hat) comes from, the Wooded Kingdom, and the Sand Kingdom. Cappy teams up with Mario in order to rescue Peach because his sister Tiara is sat on her head.

For all you fashionistas out there, there will be plenty of outfits to collect, with some being location specific, and some based around Mario's past.

Two new levels were unveiled as well; Shiveria in the Snow Kingdom (I approve of that pun, naturally), and Bubblaine in the Seaside Kingdom, which is a watery land where the water tastes like it's been carbonated. Apparently there will be plenty more kingdoms to come, and they will be stuffed full of Power Moons, the game's primary collectible. I would hope so too, as the Power Moons fuel your Odyssey ship that takes you here there and everywhere on the map, letting you explore each kingdom. Avert your eyes to the video above, we're briefly shown a menu that indicates more than 50 Power Moons within a single level. If you collect them all, something awesome may happen. Nintendo, stop teasing me!

If you're struggling to find Power Moons, there are 3 hint droppers at your disposal; Talkatoo the bird, the Hint Toad who requires coins in exchange for intel, and Uncle Amiibo, a roomba looking creature who responds to any amiibo you have handy.

3 amiibos have been revealed, as well as their abilities. Wedding Mario, Wedding Peach, and Wedding Bowser will all grant wedding outfits, naturally, based on their characters, and Mario grants temporary invincibility. Is that a subtle nod to the invincibility star from the first Mario games I see? It better be. Peach awards a life-up heart, and Bowser reveals coin locations within the current world. Apparently all other amiibo are supported outside of this.

In-world minigames are also featured in the above video, such as Koopa Freerunning, Jump Rope Challenge, and RC Car Challenge, all of them with online leaderboards and Snapshot mode which lets you edit photos and lets you move the camera around, as well as apply snazzy filters.

On the same day as Super Mario Odyssey drops, as will a new hardware bundle, including a pair of themed Joy Cons and a Mario carry case.

Has this new footage got you hyped for the upcoming addition to the Mario franchise? I'm certainly excited for its release!

Tags: Nintendo-Switch

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 13 Comments


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