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Far Cry 5 Doesn't Have Towers Or A Mini-Map, Here's Why

Say goodbye to the familiar towers and mini-maps, you're on your own.

Ubisoft is diligently working to make sure that the newest addition to the Far Cry family is vastly different to its predecessors. They're doing away with one of the most common assets of a Ubi game - towers. They're also not including a mini map; I can see myself getting very lost and confused...

Far Cry 5's writer, Drew Holmes, opened up about why these significant changes are taking place. His main reason was to give the player an opportunity to truly explore the world without these aids, and rely on their experience and intuition when making decisions.

"We really want to focus on exploration with a sense of 'I'm not sure what to do or where to go'. The removal of the mini-map was so you're not staring at a little corner of your screen saying 'what's new in the world?'. You've got to actually pay attention to the world and the art side is doing a good job of making sure there are good landmarks to orient yourself. That it becomes more [or] less the game guiding you on where to go, and more of you saying 'where do I want to go, what do I want to do today?'".

The removal of the mini-map and towers will in turn create a more immersive experience for players. Hopefully there will be some way to access a map, whether that be via a pause menu or some other means. As well as this, you're thrown into the dangerous, cult-like valleys and mountains of Montana, instead of sending you to some exotic island, so that should shake things up a bit. You'll also get to experience other new features, like character customisation, 4 main villains instead of just the 1, and multiplayer co-op available throughout the game.

Holmes also noted that players will be forced to explore and discover more of the world and its people without towers or a minimap, which should deliver an individualised immersive, and overall greater, experience.

"I think when you set a game in a more familiar setting like Montana, we wanted to compare it to 'what would I do in this situation?'. I'd have to go and try and meet some locals, see if they'd do anything. Or go to a town and see if there's anything to do around there. So the goal really was to get rid of the towers as a way of forcing me to interact with the people, pay attention to my surroundings. And sort of intuitively figure out 'well, if there's a town here, there's a gas station down the road', so everything sort of feels like a believable world".

What do you make of this? Are you happy to wave goodbye to the all-too-familiar towers & minimap, or would you rather keep a firm grasp on them? Let us know below!

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Far Cry 5

Quick View

Far Cry 5


Tags: PC, PS4, Xbox-One

Written by Megan Parker Posted Has 10 Comments


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