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"WE MADE HISTORY" GameSeek CEO on Nintendo Switch £198.50 Launch Offer

Thank you for 15 years of support.

We Made History

I have been actively fascinated with the videogame industry whether a consumer or in business for some time now. Starting in 1984 with the Amstrad CPC 464. Experiencing the then ground breaking Commodore Amiga. The failure of the NES and the success of the Sega Master System. This was just in the 80s. Then there was the Sega Megadrive and my personal favourite in 1992; the Super Nintendo. Since this time a whole host of consoles have come and gone; and my days of appearing on Channel 4's Gamesmaster and Sky TV Gamesworld faded, but fond memories.

We leapt to the PlayStation; the N64, the Sega Dreamcast and then the PS2. And throughout all this time; I cannot remember a launch where a leading games retailer has led from the front and offered its consumer over £81.49 off the launch price of such a huge AAA console.  

For those of you who have been buying video games from us during this past 5, 10 or 15 years, you will already know that we have always been extremely generous on pricing. We often beat most if not all companies in this sector when it comes to pricing. This isn't a con-incidence; we are so passionate about the industry, video games and our brand; GameSeek - we are willing to do everything we can to get the product to our customer for the lowest possible price.

Before the console reveal there was speculation that the Nintendo Switch was going to be priced at £199.99 - my instant thoughts were that this was the correct decision; based on matching the current market leading platforms price and based on this being affordable for the mass market. This would give Nintendo every chance of making the console a hit. Being a big Nintendo fan I want nothing more than the Switch to be a global success.

We priced the pre-orders at £198.50. Come the morning of the reveal, we found that the price was going to be £279.99. The phones were ringing; customers were calling asking to pay the extra to secure their console. My first reaction was - why. Why should the customer pay more?  I truly believe the console should be sub £200 and my passion kicked in and I wanted to deliver the console for sub £200. We kept the price down and offered to pay the difference. Hundreds of customers that had pre-ordered were, of course, ecstatic.

The forums were buzzing and small media outlets were sceptical. Why? Why has a leading retailer kept the price at £198.50 and literally threw away tens of thousands of pounds. Others thought it was some sort of scam. Too good to be true. That's what we are brought up to believe. In most cases, maybe, yes. Not this time.

We didn't just stop there. Earlier this week we sold even more consoles at the £198.50 price. This is an extremely generous act from a company that is passionate about Video Games and its customers. Whereas it would be impossible for us to continue selling the console at this price post launch; history has been made for this Pre-Order.

This is a genuine leap forward for retail. A company that is willing to throw away thousands of pounds to the benefit of its customer. This isn't about price dropping to sell units. This isn't about a company pricing something wrong and then honouring the price. Its deeper than that. This is about caring for the customer. This story is real; it happened and there was neither strategy nor marketing budget planned. This was born out of pure heart and passion for our company, brand, and its customers.

A company of our size would normally have investors or shareholders to report to. GameSeek is independent. We are in a very unique position of being able to make fast decisions and exciting decisions. This particular decision has financially damaged us. If I had made this decision with a board of directors to report too, maybe I would have been fired. But there is no one to report to; other than our customer. And for our customer, we will always go beyond the call of duty.

Thank you for sharing this incredible journey with us.

Stephen Staley
GameSeek CEO
Work Hard. Enjoy. Change the World.

We Made History

Tags: General, Nintendo-Switch

Written by Stephen Staley Posted Has 126 Comments


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