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Playstation 4 look to diversify games market in their next gen console.

PS4 hardware designer and console architect, Mark Cerney, has stated that the latest PlayStation will bring back indie and niche games at the Develop Conference in Brighton.

After five years research, Cerney believes that a step forward for the company could come from looking into the past. Cerney believes that by building a more accessible gaming platform for developers, the result could be a more varied menu of video games on the platform, similar to that of the PS1.

The PlayStation 1 found great success in selling quirky and original games back in the 90s, and believes that this type of game market could still thrive in today's blockbuster PS3 era.

Cerney is in high hopes that the PS4 will help bring back a diversity to the market that has been missing since the PS1's glory days. "Heavy content will thrive, but in many ways we will return to the freedom and broad content that made the PlayStation unforgettable."

Sony found some success with the PS3 when releasing the game Journey onto the marketplace, a game that was not a huge triple-A-title but did well due to the interesting gameplay and unconventional style that is seen less in today's market.

His message to developers is that it is "easier to develop original titles on the platform", "The PS4 is designed to foster the growth of indie games" using the ease of sharing and quick download speeds that are being made available with the PlayStation 4.

This follows a recent announcement that Sony will be using their acquisition of Gaikai's streaming technology to bring Legacy PlayStation titles to the PS4. This service plans to add a limited amount of PS3 titles to the PlayStation 4, but we don't know yet if we can expect to see some older PS1 and PS2 titles also included in this feature. Sony announced plans at E3 to supply an "everything everywhere" service to PlayStation customers, with the long term plan of having all games from each generation be available to customers.

Would you be interested in buying some indie and smaller titles on your PS4? Let us know your thoughts on twitter, facebook or the website.

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