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Availability Estimate Definitions

There are a number of availability estimates you may see while shopping on GameSeek.

Items Shipped and Sold by GameSeek

In Stock

The item is on hand in at least one fulfilment centre and is expected to be prepared for shipment within a few hours to a few days (depending on the shipping option you choose).

In stock but may require an extra 1-2 days to process

The item is available in at least one fulfilment centre and is expected to be prepared for shipment within a day to a few days.

Usually ships in X-Y days

The item will be ordered from a nearby distributor and is expected to be prepared for shipment within that amount of days of your order.

Available for Pre-Order

The latest release date information provided for the item will be on its product detail page. It will be shipped to you for the release date.

Temporarily Out of Stock

This item is currently not in stock but it is available for ordering. An e-mail will be sent to you with the expected delivery date as soon as that information is available from our suppliers.

Currently Unavailable

This item is currently not available for ordering, and it may not be in stock again.

Items Shipped and Sold by a GameSeek Marketplace Retailer

GameSeek have teamed up with a wide range of approved retail partners to give you a wider choice of products. Marketplace sellers operate separately from GameSeek. They have their own shipping policies for their products.

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If the location is N/A then the seller has not provided location information.

Daily Deals Terms and Conditions:

  1. “Daily Deals” promotions (each an “Offer”) apply to selected products each day. Each “Daily Deal” selected by GameSeek runs for a set number of days.
  2. During a Deal Period, a selected number of units by GameSeek will be available on the website (the “Website”) to order at the specified discount.
  3. Purchase must be completed before the end of the Deal Period.
  4. Daily Deals only apply to items sold by GameSeek. The Deals do not apply to purchases made from third-party sellers.
  5. GameSeek GameCoins are exempt from the Daily Deals promotions.
  6. Daily Deals are only available to registered GameSeek customers. Deals are limited to 1 deal per day per customer account.
  7. Daily Deals are subject to availability and may be withdrawn or amended without notice. The Deals have no cash alternative.

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GameCoins - the GameSeek Loyalty Program

... and no purchase necessary! To earn either; buy from us OR interact with us!

Yes amazingly, you can choose to not buy from us to earn rewards. Interact with us (full details below) - and we will still pay you out GameCoins. The Coins you earn can be turned into real money off your future orders at the checkout!

Of course you can do both, interact with us and buy from us, to maximise your GameCoins income. 

GameCoins Rewards. Start earning today!

Where else can you get paid for just writing a product review? Or simply leaving a comment on a news story? Yes this is real - join in today and be rewarded for it too!

GameCoins are our loyalty programme where you shop, earn, save and spend. You earn GameCoins with everything you buy across our website*.
GameCoins can then be used to pay for your next purchases. Start earning your GameCoins today!

*GameCoins are not earned on purchases of Gift Vouchers and cannot be used in conjunction with any discount voucher codes.
Frequently Asked Questions

What are GameCoins and why should I care?
It's FREE to join. All you have to do is register an account with GameSeek so you can immediately start scoring Coins. GameCoins is our loyalty programme, offering you the chance to earn Coins as you shop or interact with our website. GameCoins you score can then be used as a payment method to purchase products from across the site.

Can anybody enroll?
Do you Legally reside on Planet Earth? Have a valid email address? If you can say yes to these, you can join.

How do I earn GameCoins?

GameCoins Rewards. Start earning today!
You can earn Coins in different ways. Every time you shop on our website, you will earn GameCoins on your purchases, which will be allocated to your account when the item/s are despatched. Allocated Coins are visible in your GameCoins statement but they are not available to be spent until they are credited, which will happen automatically after 7 days. We also offer Coins for interacting with the website.
Leave Comments on our news articles, or a review on our product pages. Enter any of our free competitions. Or even submit your gaming video to be added to our YouTube channel GameSeekTV.

Sounds Terrific. How are GameCoins Scored?

Purchase Example
If you spend £50.14 at GameSeek you will earn 501 GameCoins*.

Please note all interactions (comments/reviews/videos etc.) and purchases must be approved by the GameSeek team.
If approved, your GameCoins will be added to your account.

*When are GameCoins not awarded?
GameCoins are not earned on the purchase of gift vouchers, multiple quantity items via traders or similar customers, consoles/hardware and cannot be used in conjunction with any discount voucher codes.
Coins cannot be earned on carriage costs. Please note ordering as a guest does not earn any GameCoins. You need to register with GameSeek to score Coins.
Further Terms apply. Please scroll down for the Terms and Conditions.

What is a GameCoin worth?
100 GameCoins are worth 10p to spend on products across the website.

How Do I Spend GameCoins?
Credited GameCoins will be visible on the checkout pages and can be selected as a payment option. It will be possible to pay for all or a part of any purchase using GameCoins.

Do GameCoins expire?
Yes, they can. If there is no account activity posted to your account for one year (12 consecutive months), all accrued Coins will expire. "Activity" is defined as scoring any GameCoins, being a purchase or interaction.

I returned an order, what happens to my GameCoins?
GameCoins will be deducted from your account when the product is returned to us. If the payment was made using your GameCoins, then your GameCoins will be refunded.

My order was cancelled, what happens to my GameCoins?
If your order is cancelled, Coins can not be earned on that order. You will also be refunded any GameCoins that you spent on the purchase.

Do I earn GameCoins on pre-orders?
Yes. Please note that GameCoins are not allocated to your account until items are despatched and are not available to be spent (credited to your account) until 7 days after they are allocated.
You can see a break down of all Coins in your GameCoins statement.

Where can I find how many GameCoins I have?
You can view your Coins balance and a record of Coins spent and earned at any time in your GameSeek account by clicking on GameCoins statement.
Your credited Coins will be shown underneath your avatar/picture. Clicking on GameCoins statement will show your GameCoins history and any Coins that are not yet credited. You can also see the date that Coins will be credited for any Coins that have been allocated to you but are not yet available to be spent.

Where can I spend my GameCoins?
GameCoins can be spent on all products (with the exception of gift vouchers) within the GameSeek website.

Can I use GameCoins and other payment methods at the same time?
Yes, GameCoins can be used simultaneously with credit card payments or PayPal.

Why have my GameCoins not been credited or have been removed!
We award GameCoins for engaging with our site; by commenting and reviewing products. If we decide that you appear to be spamming our site with comments and posts that add little value or seem to be purely posted to gain Coins we reserve the right to delete the posts and your Coins. We may decide to remove all posts and resulting Coins or just some of them at our discretion.

Terms and Conditions

Users are enrolled automatically upon registration. You can view your Coins balance and a record of Coins spent and earned at any time in your GameSeek account.
Coins can only be used for discount on the website and cannot be paid out in cash redemption value. Coins cannot be transferred between accounts.
Coins can be only earned on purchases when buying direct through the GameSeek website. Purchasing from an active GameSeek listing via a selling channel (eg. ebay, amazon, etc) will not earn any Coins.
If a Lost Parcel Claim Form is submitted for a refund or an item returned for a refund any Coins earned will be reversed. If you have already spent these Coins we will deduct them from the next Coins you earn.
Please note that our GameCoins are only for personal and consumer use. It is not open for participation by any business or for any business transaction purpose and GameSeek hereby reserves the right to not issue (or cancel) reward Coins where it has a reasonable belief that a transaction is for a business purpose.
GameSeek reserves the right to remove Coins from customer accounts in the event of abuse being identified or suspected.
The GameSeek GameCoins loyalty program is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
If have any queries about your GameCoins balance, please contact us.